On a Mission: Foreign Service Specialist

How one woman found her dream career working at the U.S. Department of State.

The U.S. Department of State is the nation’s leading foreign affairs agency, but surprisingly, many individuals, especially African-Americans, are unfamiliar with what the agency does.

And Chimere was no different. Read on and see how this dynamic engineer discovered the U.S. Department of State at a career fair, and changed the trajectory of her life.

EBONY: How did you begin your journey with the U.S. Department of State?

Chimere: I was recruited straight out of college, but it’s an interesting story. With about two months to go until graduation, I found myself without any job prospects—despite my good grades and internship experience. Since I had been an active member of Clemson’s chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), I knew that the organization had a career fair coming up in late March.

So, I traveled across the country to Anaheim, CA hoping to secure employment at the career fair. There were more than 200 companies and government agencies there, but after walking the aisles for hours, I realized that the need for computer engineers wasn’t as strong as I had hoped. And as I walked away, my optimistic feelings began to take on a more somber tone.

But just as I was about to walk back to my hotel room, something (I call it my guardian angel) told me to walk down the last aisle. I’d passed it before, but had dismissed it because I didn’t think any companies would be setup in such an obscure location. But walking down that last aisle changed my life forever.

There was a booth that had a poster with the words “computers” and “hacking” on it and I was immediately intrigued. Now, I knew it wasn’t computer programming, but I figured that it was worth looking into! I spoke with the Diplomatic Security (DS) recruiters at the booth, and they told me about the chance to travel worldwide, live abroad, obtain a security clearance, and represent America – all with a federal government organization of which I had never heard, the U.S. Department of State.

After receiving more information and chatting with the recruiters at the booth a bit more, I agreed to be interviewed by a now fellow Security Engineering Officer (SEO). I was given a conditional offer at the interview and came on board as an SEO with the Department of State six months later. I’ve been happy ever since.

EBONY: Were you nervous about the prospect of living overseas?

Chimere: Granted, I was a little nervous at first. Remember, I’m a country girl from South Carolina so, you know, I had only traveled distances maybe two or three states over, stayed for about a week or so. But I’d never been that far apart from my family before. But depending upon where you’re posted you can keep in touch with your family pretty regularly via emails and such. Plus, when you work for the Department of State you’re never alone. There’s always someone watching out for your safety.

EBONY: What is your title and where is work located?

Chimere: I’m a Foreign Service Specialist, serving as a Security Engineering Officer with a focus on technical security policy. I’m currently posted in Washington, D.C.

EBONY: What does the U.S. Department of State do exactly?

Chimere: (Laughs.) I get that question a lot. The Department of State is the leading U.S. foreign affairs agency. We have over 265 diplomatic locations around the world including embassies, consulates, and missions. Our primary purpose is to maintain diplomatic relations with most countries in the world, including quite a few international organizations, while shaping a freer, more secure, and more prosperous world that protects American interests abroad. Whew!

EBONY: Wow, that’s quite an answer. Is that all that the DOS is known for?

Chimere: Oh, no. We’re responsible for promoting peace and stability in areas of vital interest to America, including helping developing nations establish stable economic environments. We also have a number of domestic and international locations where we provide information and services to U.S. citizens traveling abroad, including issuing passports. And, we also issue visas to foreigners wishing to visit the United States.

EBONY: Oh, so you don’t have to live abroad to work for the U.S. Department of State?

Chimere: Not at all. There are a number of domestic and international positions available. Foreign Service Officers and Foreign Service Specialists work abroad, while Civil Service professionals work stateside. We also have internship and fellowship programs for students, and executive development programs for professionals.

EBONY: What does your particular job as a Foreign Service Specialist entail?

Chimere: Well, it can pretty much run the gamut. I’m part of a team that repairs and installs alarm systems and cameras at U.S. embassies internationally. I can travel as a part of the advanced team for the Secretary of State doing inspections overseas. I also inspect the network at various Department of State embassies overseas.

EBONY: Where are some of the places that you’ve traveled to so far?

Chimere: Hmm, let’s see. I’ve actually had the chance to travel quite a bit during my time with the Department of State. I’ve been to about 16 different countries including Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Mexico, and Peru. I also served in Dakar, Senegal while I was covering seven other embassies in seven other countries, ranging from Guinea-Conakry to Cape Verde.

EBONY: Is it all “work and no play” overseas?

Chimere: Well, it is true that a career as a Foreign Service Specialist or Officer is challenging, but you do have time to enjoy yourself. Personally, I was involved in quite a few embassy activities. While I was in West Africa, I ran the concession stand for WAIST (West African Invitational Softball Tournament) and I found other small groups that I could join locally.

EBONY: How do you find activities to enjoy yourself?

Chimere: Whenever I’m assigned to a new post, I try to attend local concerts and events to help immerse myself in that culture. And I’ve found that doing so helps me make friends, too. So, you can definitely make a social life for yourself overseas.

EBONY: Can you tell us about some of the experiences or adventures you’ve had?

Chimere: My time with the State Department has blessed me with experiences beyond my wildest childhood dreams. My Specialist training brought along a lot of firsts for me: first time repairing various security systems, first time shooting a gun, first time purposely wrecking a car (defensive driving), and the first time traveling abroad. It also afforded me the pleasure of meeting Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Dr. Condoleezza Rice. To be able to do that was just incredible for me. Basically, I was looking for an opportunity that challenged me and offered me the opportunity to learn something new every day. And let me tell you, the U.S. Department of State has not disappointed!

EBONY: Can you tell us one of your success stories?

Chimere: Hmmm…that’s a hard one. I mean, when you work here, you’re pretty much set up for success. Between all of the training and opportunities for mentorship, you really have the chance to shine. Let’s see…well, my very first overseas tour took me to Dakar, Senegal, where I actually replaced the SEO who recruited me!  And let me tell you, those were some big shoes to fill! I adapted to a culture that was completely different from what I knew, all while exercising “technical diplomacy” with my U.S. and Foreign National technical security counterparts. I also oversaw eight employees in the Engineering Service Center (ESC) Dakar and provided technical security support and advice to seven other U.S. Embassies in West Africa.

EBONY: What do you like most about being a Foreign Service Specialist?

Chimere: Well for me, I thrive on challenge and excitement. And working here has been a very educational and challenging experience for me—but pretty rewarding as well. It definitely got me out of my comfort zone, and gave me the opportunity to serve and represent my country overseas without carrying a gun. And ultimately, that’s what keeps me going —and happy—at  the State Department. The ability to learn a new skill or learn to wire up an alarm system by myself beats working in a cube 24/7. And truthfully, there’s always something exciting going on.

EBONY: So, what’s next for you on the job?

Chimere: This fall I will be transferring to my fourth posting with the Department of State, which will allow me to focus on computer security. I’ll also have the chance to give back to the Department by recruiting potential SEO candidates at various colleges and universities. And, of course, I’ll be recruiting at the NSBE National Conventions where I began my career.

EBONY: What would say to people interested in working at the U.S. Department of State?

Chimere: You know, I meet quite a few engineers at career fairs, and I always tell them the same thing. Yes, I know there are quite a few avenues for engineering careers, but if you want a job that’s truly an out-of-the-box experience, I recommend joining the Department of State. It’s an incredible experience. (Source EBONY)


Diplomatic Missions in Ghana:

Embassy:    No. 19 Fifth Link Road, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana
Consular Section, U.S. Embassy, P.O. Box 194, Greater Accra, Ghana
Tel:        [233] (302) 775348, 775349, 775295 or 775298
FAX:     [233] (302) 776008
Website: www.ghana.usembassy.gov


Osu Link, Ridge, Accra
Contact: 0302 221665, 0302 221745, 0302 221715
Email: bhcomm@ghana.com


Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
(Resident in Addis Ababa),
Bole Road, H-17, K-19, N-102,
P.O. Box 2308, Addis Ababa.
Tel: 187637


Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Algeria,
82 Tito Avenue, P.O. Box 2747, Accra.
Tel: 0302-776719


Embassy of the Argentine Republic (Resident in Lagos),
Akolowo Road, SW,
P.O. Box 51940, Ikoyi Branch, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 683508/682797


Australian High Commission
2 Second Rangoon Close (cnr Josef B Tito Ave)
Cantonments, Accra
Post: PMB 60, KIA-Accra
Tel: 0302-701 2961-3; 0302-777080
Fax: 0302-776803
Email: Accrahc.enquiries@dfat.gov.au
Website: Embassy of Australia in Ghana


Consulate of Austria
P.O. Box CT-109
Cantonments, Accra
16, Wawa Street, Dzorwulu, Accra (off Blohun Street, near SID Theater)
Office hours: Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. – 12 a.m.
Appointment only under above phone number on Tuesday and Wednesday from 2p.m. – 5 p.m.
Tel. 0302-78 33 68
Fax 0302-76 32 36
Where and how to get the visa 


High Commission for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
(Resident in Dakar),
Immeuble Kebe, 7th Floor, Apartment Nos. 11 & 12,
B.P. 403, Dakar, Senegal. Tel: 225017/216881


Consulate of Belgium
P.O.Box CT 3890
Cantonments, Accra
Independence Avenue (Mile 4 next to GWCL, ATMA offices)
Tel. 0302-776561, 0302-762281, 0302-762382
Fax 0302-764384
E.Mail: consubel@4u.com.gh


Embassy of the People’s Republic of Benin,
19 Volta Street, 2nd Close, Airport Residential Area,
P.O. Box 7871, Accra North.
Tel: 0302-774860/0302-774889


Embassy of Brazil,
No. 4 Fifth Link, Off Senchi Street
P.O. Box CT 3859, Cantonments, Accra
Airport Residential Area
Email: brasemb.acra@itamaraty.gov.br, consular.acra@itamaraty.gov.br
Tel: 0302 774921/774908
Website: Brazil embassy in Accra


British High Commission
Osu Link, off Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue
P O Box GP 296, Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233 (302) 213250
(233) (302) 7010650 (24 hours)
Office Hours (GMT): 0745-1445
Immigration Section Public Hours: 07:30-11:00
Consular Section Public Hours: 07:30-13:30
Fax +233 (302) 701 0655
Tel (visa section) +233 (302) 701 0721
Fax (visa section) +233 (302) 221715
E-mail: bhcaccra@africaonline.com.gh
Website: British High commission in Ghana


Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria,
3 Kakramadu Rd, East Cantonments,
P.O. Box 3193, Accra.
Tel: (00233 21) 77-24-04


Embassy of Burkina Faso,
House No 772/3, Asylum Down,
P.O. Box 651, Accra.
Tel: 0302-221988
Fax: 0302221936
Email: secretariat@ambafaso-gh.org


Embassy of the United Republic of Cameroon
(Resident in Lagos), 5 Elsie Femi Peatse Street,
Victoria Island, P.M.B. 2476, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: (+234) 14 48 09 85
Fax: (+234) 14 48 09 85
Email: cglagos@consulam-ng.org


Canadian High Commission,
46 Independence Avenue,
P.O. Box 1639
Sankara Interchange (Ako Adjei Overpass)
Accra, Ghana.
Tel: (0302) 228555/228556
Fax: 233-302-773-792
Email: accra@international.gc.ca
Website: Embassy of Canada in Ghana


Embassy of the People’s Republic of China,
6 Agostino Neto Road, Airport Residential Area,
P.O. Box 3356, Accra
Tel:+233-0302-2761133 (Secretary to the ambassador), +233-030-2797437 (visa inquiry, 9:00-12:00 am, Tuesday & Thursday)
Fax:030-2774527 (Secretary to the ambassador), 030-2797327 (visa inquiry)
Email: chinaemb_gh@mfa.gov.cn
Website: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China

COTE D’IVOIRE (Ivory Coast)

Embassy of the Republic of Côte d Ivoire (Ivory Coast),
9 Eighteenth Lane, off Cantonments Road, Christiansborg,
P.O. Box 3445, Accra.
Tel: (0302) 774611/774612.
Fax: +233-21-773516/78 00 76
Email: acigh@ambaci-ghana.org
Website: Embassy of Côte d Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in Ghana


Embassy of the Republic of Cuba,
20 Amilcar Cabral Road, Airport Junction,
P.O. Box 9163, Airport, Accra.
Tel: 0302-775868
Email:embajada@gh.embacuba.cu, embajador@gh.embacuba.cu
Website: Embassy of Cuba in Ghana 


Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ghana
Kanda High Road, No. 2, House No. C260/5,
P.O. Box 5226, Accra North.
Tel: +233 (302)223540/247282
Fax: 00233 (0) 30 22 25 337
Email: accra@embassy.mzv.cz
Website: Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ghana 


Embassy of Denmark, Ghana
67 Dr. Isert Road (8th Avenue Extension)
North Ridge
P.O. Box C596, Accra
Location: nearby the World Bank office
Tel: +233 (0) 30 220 8730 (Fix tel), +233 (0) 54 011 6703 (Mobile tel), +233 (0) 30 220 8755 (Visa inquiry)
Website: Embassy of Denmark in Ghana


Embassy of Egypt, Accra-Ghana
Airport Residential Area,
House No.38
Senchi Street
Accra, Ghana
Tel: 0302-776854
Fax: 0302-776795
Website: Embassy of Egypt in Ghana


Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea
North Airport Road No. 70 (Kufour Lane)
Tel: (+233) 302 766 357


Embassy of Ethiopia,
No. 2 Milne Close Off Dr. Amilcar Cabral
Road Airport Residential Area
P.O.Box 1646
Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233 302 775 928, +233 302 765 682
Fax: (+233) 302-277 6807
Email: ethiopianemb@gmail.com


This embassy is resident in Nigeria
Postal address:
Embassy of Finland
P.M.B 5140, Maputo Street
Wuse Zone 3
Abuja, Nigeria
visiting Adress:
NO.9, Iro Dan Musa Street
PLOT 1547, Asokoro
Abuja, Nigeria
Tel: +234 706 418 9000, +234 817 245 4644 (Inquiries only:(Mon-Thu, 1 pm – 4 pm))
Email: sanomat.ABA@formin.fi, visa.aba@formin.fi (for visa, residence permit and legalization customers)
Website: Embassy of Finland in Ghana (Resident in Nigeria)


Embassy of France,
12th Road, off Liberation Avenue, P.O. Box 187, Accra.
Tel:+233 (0) 302.21.45.50
Website: Embassy of France in Ghana


Embassy of the Republic of Gabon (Resident in Abidjan),
Immeuble Shell, BP 3765, Abidjan 01.
Tel: 32-58-45/22-86-12


Gambia High Commission (Resident in Lagos)
Abuja office
7 Misratah Street
Off Parakou Crescent
P.M.B. 5058 Wuse 2
Abuja, Nigeria
Tel: +234 080 625 06180, +234 070 682 82964, +234 080 570 12927
Fax: +234 080 570 05023
Email: info@thegambiahcng.org, ghc_abuja@yahoo.com
Liaison Office, Lagos
162 Awolowo Road
P.O. Box 8073
S.W. Ikoyi
Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +2341 267 0829


Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
n° 4, Sam Nujoma
North Ridge, ACCRA
P.O. Box GP 1757
Tel:(00233) 302 21 10 00, (00233) 302 24 10 82.
Fax: (00233) 302 22 13 47
Website: German Embassy in Ghana


Embassy of the Republic of Greece (Resident in Lagos).
In Ghana
Honorary General Consulate, Accra
No 1 Boundry Road Extension East Legon DTD 102-Cantonments
Accra, Ghana
Tel:(00233) 302542254, 244337935
Fax:(00233) 302542254
Email:pizanias@ampni.com , helleniconsulghana@ymail.com


Guinea Embassy in Ghana
No. 125 Opp. Accra Girl’s Roman Ridge
Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233-302-777-921, +233-302-775-373
Fax: +233-302-760-961
Email: embagui@ghana.com


Apostolic Nunciature,
8 Drake Avenue,
Air Port Residential Area
P.O.Box KA 9675, Accra
Tel: 0302-777759


Embassy of Hungarv
Mulungushi Gardens, Abla Court, Plot 53
Fifth Avenue Etension, Switchback Cantonments
Accra, Ghana
Tel: (+233) 50-642-3804, (+233) 50-642-3805
Email: mission.acc@mfa.gov.hu
Facebook: Embassy of Hungary in Ghana, facebook.


High Commission of India,
No. 9 Ridge Road, Roman Ridge
PO Box CT-5708, Cantonments
Accra, Ghana.
Tel: +233-307020903, 307020904
Fax: Fax: +233-302772176
Email: hoc.accra@mea.gov.in
Website: Embassy of India in Ghana


Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (Resident in Lagos)
5/B Anifowoshe Street, Victoria Island, P.O. Box 3474, Lagos,
Tel:(234-01) 261-0508; 261-4601
Fax: (234-01) 261-3301; 261-3963
Email: unitkomlgs@hyperia.com; nedoy-69@hyperia.com


Embassy of the Islamic Republic of lran
3 Nme Lane
Airport Residential Area
P.O. Box 12673
Accra-North, Ghana
Tel: (+233) 302 774 474, (+233) 302 760 521
Email: iranemb.acc@mfa.gov.ir


Embassy of the Republic of Iraq (Resident in Lagos),
Plot 708A, Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island,
P.O. Box 8259, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 610309


Irish Honorary Consulate General
PW House
10 Abidjan Avenue
East Legon
Accra, Ghana
Tel: (+233) 30 251 8112
Fax: (+233) 30 251 8117
Email: irlconsul@gmail.com

Embassy of Israel
No. 2, First Circular Road
Unit 1 Josni Residence Cantonments,
P. O. Box CN 91
Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233 302 743838 / 982418
Fax: +233 302 743857
Website: Embassy of ISrael in Ghana


Embassy of Italy in Ghana
awaharlal Nehru Road
P.O.Box CT 885
Cantonments Accra, Ghana
Tel: 00233302775621, 00233302775622
Email: ambasciata.accra@esteri.it
Website: Embassy of Italy in Ghana


The High Commission of Jamaica (Resident in Addis Ababa),
National House, Menelik 11 Avenue, P.O. Box 5633, Addis Ababa
Tel: 151711, 1517l3

Masamichi Ishikawa
Embassy of Japan,
8 Tito Avenue, off Jawaharlal Nehru Avenue,
P.O. Box 1637, Accra.
Tel: 0302-775615, 0302-775616

High Commission of Kenya (Resident in Lagos),
52 Queen’s Drive, Ikoyi, P.O. Box 6464,
Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 682768, 685531.
Telex: 21124

KOREA, Democratic Republic
Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,
139 Nortei Ababio Loop, Ambassadorial Estate,
Roman Ridge, P.O. Box 13874, Accra.
Tel: 0302-777825

Embassy of the Republic of Korea
3 Abokobi Road, East Cantonments,
P.O. Box 13700, Accra North.
Tel: 0302-776157

Embassy of the State of Kuwait (Resident in Dakar),
Telex: 3327


Embassy of the Republic of Lebanon,
House No F864/1, Cantonments Road, Osu,
P.O. Box 562, Accra.
Tel: 0302-776727

High Commission of the Kingdom of Lesotho,
(Resident in Nairobi), 4th Floor, International House,
Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi, P.O. Box 4496, Kenya.
Tel: 337493.
Telegraphic Address: “BOEMELI Nairobi”. Telex: 22489

Embassy of the Republic of Liberia,
10 West Cantonments, off Jawaharlal Nehru Road,�
P.O. Box 895, Accra.
Tel: 0302-775641/2

LIBYA Arab Jamahiriya
People’s Bureau of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,
14 Sixth Street, Airport Residential Area,
P.O. Box9665, Accra.
Tel: 0302-774820/772517

No. 18, Templesi Lane
Airport Residential Area, Accra
Tel: 0302-763691/783087
Fax: 0302-764910

Embassy of the Republic of Mali,
Agostino Neto Road, Airport Residential Area,
P.O. Box 1121, Accra.
Tel: 0302-775160/666423

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania
(Resident in Abidjan).
Tel: 41154/13

(Resident in Rabat, Morocco)

The Royal Netherlands Embassy,
89 Liberation Road, Thomas Sankara Circle,
P.O. Box 3248, Accra.
Tel: 0302-221655/226567
Email: nlgovacc@ncs.com.gh
Web: Netherlands Embassy in Accra

Embassy of the Republic of Niger,
House No. E.104/3,
Independence Avenue,
P.O. Box 2685, Accra.
Tel: 0302-224962

Office of the High Commission for the Federal Republic of
Nigeria, Tito Avenue, P.O. Box 1548, Accra.
Tel: 0302-776158-9

Royal Norwegian Embassy (Resident in Lagos),
2 Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island,
P.O. Box 2413, Lagos,
Tel: 610983/4

Resident in Algiers

Honorary Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,
Appiah Street, Mamprobi – Alhaji Last Stop
P. O. Box MP 686
Telephone: +233-302-313573
Mobile: +233-24-3576446

Embassy of the State of Palestine
15, Ghana Airways Avenue
Airport Residential Area
P.O. Box 01728, Osu. Accra
Tel: 00233 302 778736 / 00233 302 760478
Fax: 00233 302 785806 /00233 244 33 44 22
Email: palembac@ucomgh.com

Embassy of the Republic of Poland,
2 Akosombo Street, Airport Residential Area,
P.O. Box 2552,
Tel: 0302-775972

Embassy of Portugal (Resident in Lagos),
23 Alhaji Bashorun Street, Ikoyi
P.O. Box 8593, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 683135

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Romania,
North Labone Ward F. Block 6, House No. 262,
P.O. Box 3735, Accra.
Tel: 0302-774076

13 Lane, Ring Road East,
Osu, Accra,

P.O. Box 1634,

Tel.:  0302-77-56-11,
Fax:  0302-77-26-99,
E-mail: russia@ghana.com
Web-address: www.ghana.mid.ru

Embassy of the Sahraoui Arab Democratic Republic (Resident in

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia,
10 Noi Fetreke Street, Roman Ridge Ambassadorial Estate
Extension, Airport Residential Area,
P.O. Box 670, Accra.
Tel: 0302-774311.
Telex: 2407 NAJDIA GH

Embassy of the Republic of Senegal (Resident in Lagos),
14 Kofo Abayorni Road, Victoria Island,
P.M.B. 2197, Lagos,
Tel: 614226/611722

Office of the High Commissioner for the Republic of Sierra Leone
(Resident in Lagos).

(Resident in Singapore)

Embassy of the Somali Democratic Republic (Resident in Lagos),
5 Eletu Ogabi Street, Plot 1270, Victoria Island,
P.O. Box 6355,
Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 611283, 610834

Ambassador: Mr Jorge Montealegre Buire
Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain,
Lamptey Avenue Extension, Airport Residential Area,
P.O. Box 1218, Accra.
Tel: 0302-774004, 0302-774005

Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Sudan
(Resident in Lagos), 40 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi,
P.O. Box 2428, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 615889/617311

Embassy of Sweden (Resident in Lagos),
26 Monoley Street
P.O. Box 1097, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 630672/77/81/88, 631049.

Embassy of Switzerland,
9 Water Road, North Ridge Area,
P.O. Box 359, Accra.
Tel: 0302-228125.
Telex: 2197
Website: www.eda.admin.ch

High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania
(Resident in Lagos)
45 Ademola Street, SW Ikoyi, P.O. Box 6417, Lagos
Tel: 682757

Embassy of the Republic of Togo,
Togo House, Near Cantonments Circle, P.O. Box C120,
Cantonments, Accra.
Tel: m950.
Telex: 2166

High Commission of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
(Resident in Lagos),
Plot 1374, 6 Oarim Kotun Street Victoria
Island, P.O. Box 6392, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 614527

Embassy of Tunisia (Resident in Lome).

Embassy of Turkey (Resident in Lagos).

Embassy of the Republic of Venezuala
(Resident in Lagos)
Plot 863B,
Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island,
P.O. Box 3727,
Lagos. Nigeria.
Tel: 611590

Embassy of the Republic of Vietnam
(Resident in Luanda)

Embassy of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,
No. 47 Senchi Street Airport Residential Area,
P.O. Box 1629, Accra.
Tel: 0302-775761/776868

Embassy of the Republic of Zaire (Resident in Lome),
B.P. 1102.
Tel: 215255

High Commission of the Republic of Zambia
No. 6 Agostino Neto Road, Airport Residential Area,
Cantonments, Accra,
Phone 0302-782298 and 0302-767692.
Opposite Chinese Embassy

Zimbabwe High Commission (Resident in Lagos),
6 Kasumu Ekemode Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 619328