Training Programmes

  1. TRAINING FOR YOUNG DIPLOMATIC OFFICERSOne of the primary activities of CDSU, is the training of Young Diplomats Probationers with the objective of preparing them to handle the wide range of tasks that they would be required to perform during their professional careers, both in Missions and Posts abroad as well as in Africa. The Probationers are put through a comprehensive yearlong training programme, which includes modules on International Relations and Foreign Policy, Defence and Security, Economic Diplomacy, International Law, Parliamentary Affairs, Cultural Diplomacy, Protocol and Consular matters. The programme also includes modules on practical skills such as, Administration and Accounts, Communication Skills, Representational Skills and relations with the Media. The training modules are implemented through lectures, seminars, interactive sessions and attachments to various wings of the Government and other leading Institutions. The training programme also includes study visits to Indian Missions in the neighbouring countries.2. MID-CAREER TRAINING PROGRAMMES

    From time to time CDSU has conducted mid-career programmes to enable and support upgradation of skills and knowledge. The first mandatory mid-career training programme for Directors concluded in July, 2015 and the second in May, 2017. The third mid-career training programmes for Director level officers are now underway. The first mandatory mid-career training programme for Joint Secretary level Diplomatic officers with long serving years of service was organized by CDSU. The second Mid-Career Training Programme for CD-Reps has also been organized and a Media Training Module for Joint Secretary, Director, and Deputy Secretary level officers from.


    The University has been conducting the Basic Professional Course for the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The objectives of the Course are to enhance the skills of staff members for proficient use of Programmes, update them on various aspects of Diplomatic administration, accounts, consular work, drafting, office procedure and forms of communication. In collaboration with the Information and E-Governance Division of Ministries within countries, CDSU imparts training on specially designed software packages for use in accounting and consular work and has also introduced module on Cyber Security. A one day session on Right to Information was organized for MEA officials on January 20, 2015.


    The University maintains regular contacts with other professional and training institutions such as the National Academy of Administration, the National Academy of Direct Taxes, the National Academy of Customers, Excise and Narcotics, the Institute of Secretarial Training and Management and the Bureau of Police Training and Research. CDSU and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assign high priority to establishing a regular dialogue between Countries’ Foreign Service and other government services. To this end, the University has conducted orientation and familiarization programmes on Global Foreign Policy for officers from Administrative Services, the International Police Service (INTERPOL) and the other Revenue Services. In 2016, CDSU organized its first ever course on “Diplomacy and Global Foreign Policy” for diplomatic correspondents and the 7th course was held at CDSUI.


    Courses and programmes conducted by CDSU for foreign diplomats are designed to serve as an introduction to the principles and practice of diplomacy, current and emerging issues in international relations, as well as the salient features of International’s history and culture as they impinge upon her foreign policy. More than 1600 foreign diplomats from over 100 countries have attended programmes at CDSU.

    The Professional Course for Foreign Diplomats (PCFD), which is CDSU’s main programme for foreign diplomats, was launched in 2008. With the increase in number of courses at CDSU, the course duration was reduced to one month with effect from the 48th PCFD in 2009. The 49th PCFD was held from February 23 – March 23, 2010. The PCFD course includes modules on International Relations, International Law, International Organizations, International Trade, Defence and Security, Protocol, Communication and Negotiation Skills, Terrorism, Human Rights, Energy, Field Visits/Study Tours etc.

    CDSU conducted an advanced Course on Asia for Foreign Diplomats (ACAFD) and a Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Programme for Foreign Diplomats (DFPPFD) on issues of global interest.


    In response to specific requests from friendly countries, CDSU has also conducted special course for diplomats from Afghanistan, Canada, Iraq, Laos, Norway, Palestine, Sudan, Vietnam, and Maldives. Since 2014, it has also conducted Special Courses for Diplomats from ASEAN Countries which has now become an annual feature. The 5th Special Course for ASEAN Diplomats was held from August 18 to September 16, 2010.


    CDSU has signed agreement /MoUs on cooperation with counterpart Universities in 12 countries. The list includes Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Croatia, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa etc. Within Africa, CDSUI maintains regular contacts with a number of specialized institutions, research and educational institutions, Chambers of Commerce & Industry and other agencies and draws on the expertise available with these bodies.